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Salsa is like dreaming on your feet.
Corporate Dance Classes & Team Building
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Corporate Dance Classes & Team Building

The most efficient and better way to get your work place more productive and motivated is by giving them the excitement and fun of LATIN DANCING! An activity that brings them together in an activity that brings challenge that is rewarding whilst creating a bonding experience.

Team bonding is an essential part of creating a positive and friendly energetic environment where we spend most of our Daily hours working non-stop.

We are always set and ready to come, teach and have some fun with you, your staff and colleagues by giving them a fun and exciting Latin Dance class at your work place.

Whether it’s in your Organization recreation center we also make arrangements to have you come to our great dance studios at St. Benedict Catholic Church conference room 1, with free parking. Bring your team for an interactive team building activity to celebrate a special occasion or promote team cohesion.

How will a Latin Dance class help your work place?
  • Staff gets to know each other outside the Confines of their work place.
  • Great for mental, Physical & Emotional fitness and coordination.
  • Bringing all staff together in a friendly and fun environment.
  • It Improves social skills and confidence boosts esteem amongst staff in your workplace
  • Better communication between staff as a result of new bonds, trusts and great friendships formed