About us

Passion en Fuego is a Kenyan based art company that trains and performs Latin-African dances, and we love what we do. It is who we are. A qualified professional team, working side to side, we aspire a healthy life(style), a place where work, life and inspiration are equal and integrated organically.
Our goal is to create work that is honest and professional and a package that is conceptually interesting, visually and practically stunning such as improving social life, superior health, flexibility, improve self confidence and become world class dancers. We dance with the believe that the process of learning should be as exciting and fun as the end result.
We offer a complete curriculum of Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba for all skill levels. Our professionally trained instructors are patient, dedicated and passionate about their craft. We want you to leave our dance class and the dance floor feeling great.


Perpetual Nyambura

Many may know her as “Perpy”. Her passions are maths and dance. She has loved to dance all her life and has had training in ballroom, salsa, bachatta, kizomba among other Latin-African dances.

Perpetual was introduced to the world of Latin-African dancing in 2012 and has pursued her career within the sector ever since.

She received much of her basic training with her previous dance instructor, Lenny Benjamin but quickly learnt how to apply her previous knowledge and training in other various dance genres.

She has been instructing students across Nairobi since 2014 and is known for her infectious energy within the classroom. No doubt she is known for her incredible following ability, as well as being one of the best female leads in Kenya.

Perpetual along with her dance partner, Alex Mutuma ,have been teaching kizomba, Bachatta & Salsa and performing on various social and corporate platforms together since 2015.

Alex mutuma

Alex is a Kenyan born instructor who is also a passionate computer scientist. He is an authentic passion driven individual; no doubt he is extremely gifted as a dancer. He has over 6 years dance experience and is one of the pioneers of Passion en Fuego.

He has done commercial adverts in partnership with corporate launched products, instructed in schools, group and private sessions as well as partnered with several artists in both dance and talent nurturing events as he continues to grow as an artist in every way. Alex dance areas of expertise and interest are in Kizomba, Salsa, Bachatta, African and Cha-Cha-Cha.

Alex was inspired at a very early age through various musical and dance festivals. In 2010 he enrolled in a salsa class at KeMU Nairobi, an environment that would prove to be life changing as he was introduced to salsa dancing and thereafter developed keen interest in other Latin-African dances as he would spend many hours practicing and polishing up his dance skills and eventually with passion took the motivation to one day become a great dancer, instructor, and performer.

He uses high energy and humor throughout the entire length of class, while still being able to simplify moves for students to fully comprehend. Alex is very honored to now be partnered up with one of Kenya’s top dancer, Perpetual Nyambura. They have performed at various events. Together they wish to add new and exciting flavor to Kizomba, Salsa and Bachata scenes in Kenya and across the world.